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6 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

1) Take 10 minutes to think about how much you love yourself, and you may be surprized to find that you are pretty critical of who YOU are. Spontaneously write things you like about yourself. Ah ah ah, no thinking, just write. Next, spontaneously write things you do not like about yourself. Compare these items.....How many likes vs. no likes? Are the likes that important to you? Are the no likings that important to you? Prioritize the no likes. Next to each one visualize what can you do to improve these areas.

2) Write self motivating sayings around the house in places you see every day. Sayings like "I'm smart and I've got this" on your dry earase board. Put "create for success" on the table, "I'm beautiful because ______" on the bathroom mirror.

3) Make one decision that helps create a better life. It can be as simple as adding one glass of water per day to hydrate the skin and support daily organ function.

4) Save time for yourself. Either at lunch or just after work, take 5-15 minutes to breathe deep, stay in the present, and look at the sunset before you head home. This will help transition your mind from mode to mode; i.e., work to mommy mode, .

5) Remove the blue light & media, which stimulates the brain, a 1/2 to 1 hour before bedtime. Read a book you absolutely want to read for pleasure while lighting a candle with your favorite incense.

6) My best trick--save all the coins, except pennies, from every day spending in a secret hiding spot. In 3-6 months, buy yourself a day of pampering with massage and facial, and lunch afterwards.

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