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What Is Elemental Earth Healing All About

Elemental Earth Healing (EEH) is a whole health clinic utilizing naturopathic philosophy that is based on the ability of the body to heal itself with the power of nature's elements.  Focusing on stimulating & tonifying the bodies innate capacity to repair, this complimentary alternative medicine is involved in regenerating one's well being with a wide range of universal treatment methods.  Individualized protocols are developed for those who are seeking alternate therapeutics versus traditional routes of medicine using drugs or surgery (a truly invasive approach that destroys healthy living tissue along with the intended diseased tissue).  It is important to support you and your body through safe, biochemically effective regimes that you feel comfortable with.  We consider your mental health as being our greatest asset!

As a dedicated Dr of naturopathic medicine within a chiropractic environment, EEH is focused on the complete well being of it's patients utilizing applied kinesiology, functional neurology, functional medicine, herbs & botanicals, homeopathy, acupuncture points, kinesio taping, myofascial manipulation and healthful living practices.  EEH also provides effective, methodical and intuitive care to encourage the mind and body’s intelligent ability to restore wholeness.  An educated patient is part of each protocol as to the success of everyone's treatment.  

We have dedicated this practice to the treatment of chronic conditions such as neck, shoulder, back and knee pain, diabetes, autoimmune disease, digestion, allergies, hormonal, RA/OA and thyroid dysfunction; along with the emotions that arise from the stress of daily life paired with these diagnosis'. This especially pertains to all diseases that might not have been successfully treated with traditional western therapies. It is functional medicine at it's best.

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